This Kid Raised $1M for Drought-Affected Farmers

Here's how you can make a difference by taking the first step.


So there’s this drought going on in Australia, and it’s hitting farmers really hard. Jack Berne is a 10-year-old living near Sydney, and he decides to do something. He starts small by asking people for a few bucks, and suddenly it turns into something really big.

His story caught our eye this week, because it’s an inspiring example of what can happen when we take a step. If Jack had sized up the odds, he would have stayed in his room playing Roblox. What chance does a kid have to impact a drought, after all? But he wasn’t intimidated by the scope of the problem and decided to do what he could.

This is what faith can do — it steps into the breach, knowing that, alone, we’re not enough. But if we let go of our need or inability to see the end product, and do what we can, we find that it works.

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