Taking Kids with Special Needs Fishing for a Day

Brandon and Amy Barrett give their time and energy to a special cause: helping children with special needs enjoy the outdoors and go fishing through the C.A.S.T. for Kids organization.

“You can move mountains, you can get all these kids out on a boat, you can do anything that you want. Don’t limit yourself. Anything is possible,” Amy shares.

Video Transcript

Kid: Yes, we got something! Oh, we got something!

Kids with special needs are often unable to enjoy outdoor activities.

Family member: Woo!

Volunteer: Nice!

Kid: Yes! Yes!

CAST for Kids is a national charity that offers a free day of fishing.

Volunteer: And there you go. Now you’ve got him in your hand.

Family member: You did it!

But it only happens if local volunteers lead it.

Brandon Barrett: My brother was a special needs child and we didn’t get to do a whole lot as kids, because we always had to stay home to help take care of him because there’s a lot. Some of these families are facing big challenges, you know, more than what we can imagine.

Brandon Barrett: This gives them a fun day out on the water together, and just a few hours to forget about everything and try to catch a fish.

Amy Barrett: You know, that’s kind of where my heart is: kids with special needs. And then his passion is fishing, and it was like, “Oh my goodness, this is perfect.”

6:30 a.m. Lake Monroe, Indiana.

Announcer: And I would like to Amy Brand, the first CAST for Kids event that we’ve ever had in the state of Indiana.

Amy Barrett speaking on phone: Okay, maybe they were moved. They’re in a big box at the back end of the shelter.

All the kids get a free fishing pole and tackle box, and expert help from a volunteer captain.

Volunteer: Say Cheese!

Kids in boat: Cheese!

Joe Long: Yeah, I think it’s really cool what Amy and Brendan did. I mean, they team up and put on this event, and especially I think it was great that I was able to get involved, and it’s inspiring to see all these kids come out and have a great time.

Brandon Barrett: I mean, they’re going to talking about this forever. Just like we all do. We sit around and tell fish stories. Yeah, it’s awesome!

Volunteer: Longer than the boat. We couldn’t get it in.

Brandon Barrett: I guarantee there will be some kids who have got some stories.

Family member: Woo! Aww, swim away.

Family member: Good job!

Amy Barrett: Here is this plaque. There you go. Thank you, Jacob!

Volunteer: Yay!

Kid: Can I do it again?

Brandon Barrett: 33 fish! Wow! What did you use for bait?

Amy Barrett to crowd: I just want to thank everybody for coming out.

Amy Barrett: It has been tiring. I’m running on no sleep, but just to see these kids smile, it’s worth it. Just getting out there and doing it and you can move mountains. You can get all these kids out on a boat. I mean you can do anything that you want. Don’t limit yourself. Anything is possible.

Kid: I can’t believe it!

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