Detroit SOUP Builds Community

In East Jefferson, community members participate in a Detroit SOUP fundraiser. By coming together to share a meal, donate, and support initiatives in their local area, these neighbors are transforming their community.

Video Transcript

Ossie: In this country, if we fellowshipped more with each other, we wouldn’t have the same issues that we’ve been dealing with since the 50s.

East Jefferson SOUP. How it works: Neighbors come together, donate $5, listen to pitches from community members, share a meal, vote for a cause.

Cassandra: So, Detroit SOUP is an entrepreneurial accelerator in Southwest Detroit, and we support people at all stages of their ideas, get projects off the ground or grow them. All of the soup dinners are organized and run by people who live in the community.

Lauren: The first presenter we’ll have is Michelle Jackson, she’ll be presenting her proposal, Detroit Leaf Project.

Michelle Jackson: So, the Detroit Leaf Project is basically an opportunity for our young people to come out. And actually you call us, and we actually come and rake up the leaves and bring them back to our particular site.

Lauren: Our next presenter is Cora. She’ll be presenting on her proposal, The Kitchen Crew.

Cora: We teach cooking classes for youth in Detroit. Bringing in fresh, whole ingredients and then cook a delicious meal afterward. Nothing is processed. We’re hoping to touch every single family and bring them into class and create the generation of food lovers that go on to help their families and contribute in meaningful ways. The long-term health outcomes, life skills…we’re looking to build it all. Thank you. (Applause)

Lauren: Our next presenter is Loretta Yancy.

Loretta Yancey: My dream is to repair the house that belonged to mom for young men who are transitioning out of foster care. This house…I’m hoping I can get together to make it a feel good house, a safehouse for the young men while they’re learning.

Alexis: Just vote once, and circle who you’d like the money to go to.

Shelby: Okay, so for the total we raised $404.25 tonight.

Lauren: And the winner is…Can I have a drumroll please? The Kitchen Crew. Ms. Cora.

Cora: Thank you all very much for supporting us. We love the work that we do and we love supporting the community and helping the kids grow and flourish. So, thank you very much. That’s amazing.

Alexis: Thank you. And here’s your money.

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