Volunteering at Code School Makes An Impact | Little Ways: Code

This week, Grotto catches up with Brynna Conway, a volunteer with the South Bend Code School. She opens up about being hesitant to commit to volunteering at first but has since realized the positive change her time can make.

Video Transcript

Brynna Conway: My name’s Brynna, and I volunteer at South Bend Code School. I volunteer with three different classes at code school, so on Mondays I work with high schoolers.

Computer science education and getting kids into computer science while they’re still younger was something that had always interested me. I’d written papers on it but never done anything to really address the issue and then I heard through the grapevine.

I think that something that had kind of held me back for a while, too, is that I thought I was so busy and that this was gonna hold me back from doing all the other things, and that I wouldn’t have time for it, and it would just be an extra stress.

But, it’s ended up being something that’s a really nice place to go in the evenings and it’s fun, and it’s more of a stress reliever than a stressor, I think.

It’s a good way to just share your skills with students in an easier to understand way and in a way that you wouldn’t normally be doing in class. It’s hanging out with some younger kids, learning, like, I learned so much about memes by spending more time around high schoolers.

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