Creating Art for Angioma Alliance Auction

This week Grotto catches up with Tamela Wagner — an artist diagnosed with angioma. She donates her art to Angioma Alliance to be auctioned for funds to help find a cure for this disease.

Video Transcript

Tamela Wagner: My name is Tamela Wagner, and I was diagnosed with cavernous angioma in 2011. Angiomas are clusters of blood vessels that are abnormal that accumulate blood and slowly leak blood that cause stroke-like symptoms.

Art for Angioma Alliance auctions art to support those affected by the disease.

Tamela: Angioma Alliance — they work continually on trying to help us find a cure and to get information out as much as possible.

Art for Angioma Alliance started last year, and it’s like arts and craft auction. We did an auction for the Cavernous Angioma Awareness Month. I have been very active in donating a lot of my pieces.

If you’re interested in fundraising and you want to help people, donate a piece of art.

With God’s grace, here I am, so I feel I’ve got to tell God’s story. I want to share that there is life after brain surgery. Whatever I can do to make people happy and understand that, that’s what I paint in my art.

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