National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers

The USCCB invites all Catholics to call their members of Congress to protect Dreamers. Find out more by reading this.
Today, February 26, Catholics around the United States are invited by the USCCB to participate in a National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers.

With the March 5th deadline looming, the USCCB President, Vice President, and Migration Chair have expressed their hope that members of Congress “show the leadership necessary to find a just and humane solution for these young people, who daily face mounting anxiety and uncertainty.”

“Our faith compels us to stand with the vulnerable, including our immigrant brothers and sisters. We have done so continually, but we must show our support and solidarity now in a special way. Now is the time for action,” they explained in a joint statement.

The Bishops’ Conference is asking for all Catholics across the nation to call their members of Congress today to protect Dreamers from deportation, to provide them with a path to citizenship, and to avoid any damage to existing protections for families and unaccompanied minors in the process.

If you would like to participate, you can find your Congressional Representative and his or her contact information via www.callmycongress.com.

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