‘More Than A Book Club’ Makes Reading Fun

This week Grotto catches up with Adara and Cameryn, who are on a mission to help young girls enjoy reading and fund their college education. Their nonprofit organization, More Than A Book Club, helps girls improve their social skills, literacy, and makes reading fun again.

Visit More Than A Book Club’s website to learn more about this organization.

Video Transcript

Cameryn: My name is Cameryn.

Adara: My name is Addara. More Than a Book Club, the fundamental of it is to let girls have fun reading. While they’re reading they can get money towards their college education. At the same time, More Than a Book Club helps you with social skills, literacy, and it makes reading fun again. I really like reading books. And I notice a lot of people don’t read anymore.

Members of the club earn money for college with every book they complete.

Cameryn: I know kids like my age, or around my age, don’t really like to read because it’s boring or it doesn’t teach you anything. But I feel like this would be the perfect way to get yourself out there. More Than a Book Club’s just going to be like, I want to go because I feel like it’s going to benefit me in the end. Not just because you’re getting money for your education, but you’re also benefiting by putting yourself out there and learning new things.

Adara: It’s really important to continue to read outside of just school, because you don’t learn everything at school. You never know enough, you have to always keep learning.

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