Orphan Prevention and Family Preservation in Uganda

This week Grotto catches up with Betty Ross, who works for HEAL Ministries. They aim to empower abandoned, widowed, and single mothers in Uganda to preserve their families.

“We are showing them that they are loved and wanted, and can make a difference in the world,” she shares.

Video Transcript

Nashville, TN: Betty Ross, Heal Ministries Stateside Retail and Program Manager.

Betty Ross: My name is Betty Ross. Heal Ministries is working in Uganda to empower abandoned and widowed and single mamas to learn a trade so they can keep their families together. Our primary focus is orphan prevention and family preservation. We’re doing that through three different ways.

Our women’s educational program: we do English, business, and we have a village bank program, which is teaching them how to save. But then we also have a three-year-long sewing curriculum, jewelry design, and leather works; we have a pottery program. We also have a preschool educational program led by Ugandan teachers. They are learning and being taught in English, which is the national language of Uganda.

Kids there have to grow up so fast. You see little kids holding babies because their mom is out working in the fields. So every Saturday, we open up our gates to the children of the community, and they get free time where they just get to play and be kids. These people have so little, and what’s beautiful is that they have so much joy — their faith in the Lord is so strong. We are showing them that they are loved and wanted, and can make a difference in this world.

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