How Do You Start Budgeting?

Don't Say Ad*lting EP 4: How Do You Start Budgeting?

Saving and budgeting can be daunting tasks! Finances are something that we all seem to stress about, but having the right tools and knowledge can put that stress to rest. So in our fourth episode of Don’t Say Ad*lting, Jane and Mike talk to Kristen Collett-Schmitt, Ph.D., who is an Associate Teaching Professor of Finance at the University of Notre Dame.

She offers advice, tips, and resources to help anyone who has wanted to start budgeting but doesn’t know where to start.

When should you start saving? Should you apply for a credit card? How do you build credit? What is the “Golden Rule” for budgeting? What program and tools can help with this? These are just some of the questions we explore in this episode, so make sure to give it a listen!

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