How Do You Get A Job?

In our first episode of Don’t Say Ad*lting, Jane and Mike discuss one of the most significant steps in our lives after college — finding, applying, and interviewing for a job.

They chat with Sara Iannone, who works with juniors and seniors in college to help them build their resumes and prepare for job applications, interviews, and more. She offers advice and tips on what you can do if you are looking to find your first job or a new job.

Should you have a photo of yourself in your resume? How do you answer the infamous question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “What is your greatest weakness?” How do you network? Is it really that important? How do you leave a job you are ready to move away from? How do you ask about a salary respectfully? These are just some of the questions we explore in this episode, so make sure to give it a listen!

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