Husband and Wife Combine Passions to Build a Business

For Brandon and Amy Barrett, making and selling fishing lures isn’t just a side hustle — it’s a way to use their passions to build something together.

Video Transcript

Amy Barrett: Yeah. It’s like we both found this compromise where I can… I enjoy being creative, and doing my own thing and everything, and he enjoys fishing.

Amy and Brandon own a bait and tackle shop. It’s run out of their garage.

Brandon Barrett: And I like selling things.

Amy: And he likes selling things, so yeah. We have our airbrush. We’ve got the gun. Tons of paint. This is the fun part for me. This was my very first one and I had to keep him. I didn’t want to sell him.

They use separate passions to achieve a common goal.

Brandon: Right now, we’re mostly just working on growing our brand, and I know it’s my dream, and I’m pretty sure it’s your dream, too, is we want to have a shop one day.

Amy: I know what it takes now to fish, and he knows what it takes to paint, and the artistic side of things. Yeah. It’s, for both of us, a good outlet. We can both spend time with each other and appreciate what each other is doing.

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