Good and Decent EP 15: Occupation Proclamations

Good and Decent is back with a new episode!

In this episode, we tell the story of when our video team had the opportunity to visit Mis Moles in Chicago. They witnessed first hand how Eufemia Lopez makes her locally famous mole. We learn how she left her job cooking for Rick Bayless, a prominent chef in Chicago, for family purposes. Eufemia and her family shared what it meant to open her own restaurant centered on a family recipe that many people now enjoy.

The Grotto video team, Josh Long, Kevin DeCloedt, and Jane O’Connor give us a taste of what it was like watching the process of the mole being made and being Eufemia’s restaurant.

Later, we also hear Ford Wyatt’s story, a young man who had an occupational change from the oil industry to renewable energy.

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