Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself to Others

Brandon Hardy uses bold fashion choices as a form of self-expression. Even though he stands out in a crowd, he has learned to avoid comparison.

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” President Theodore Roosevelt once said. But Brandon has found joy in daring to be different, and he hopes his positive energy transforms into shared joy with others.

Watch as he shares how he avoids the dangers of comparison and how he instead challenges himself to become better.

Video Transcript

Brandon Hardy: One thing I don’t do is I don’t compare what I’m doing to other people. Because it’s easy to look over your shoulder at what someone else is doing and then if you’re not doing that, then you feel kind of, you know, down for yourself. I personally don’t do that. I like to be a competitive person with myself.

Be comfortable with who you are. You don’t have to ever look at what other people are doing, because that can make you sad.

As I venture off into different phases of my life, I want to continue that, and I want to transfer that energy that I have to people around me so that they can, you know, have that joy.

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