The Power of a Simple Haircut

The Power of a Simple Haircut - Mini Doc #195

Barber Jeff Campbell knows that a haircut is often more than just a haircut. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, a moment to relax, a chance to connect. That’s why he takes his job as a barber so seriously.

“If just a 30-minute haircut and just a chat can help someone feel just a tiny bit better about their day, I’m all for it.”

Video Transcript

Meet Jeff: community barber

(Looking through the window of Cruz Cuts Barbershop)

(Jeff talks to clients while cutting their hair)

Jeff Campbell: I have some clients that tell me about their problems, or something that they’re stressing about, or it’s not always bad, something that they’re looking forward to, like a birthday, or a promotion, or anything in general. I think it’s important to let people know that mental health and their well-being and their mood are big things that factor into a healthy life.

(Men talk to to Jeff while getting their haircuts)

Like, I always tell my clients and other people, “It’s more than just a haircut.” Once I get a fresh cut, I feel like I wanna show my cut off. I’m smiling from ear to ear. So I’m like, if I can keep that with myself and give that to others and have everyone feeling good.

(Jeff and a client laughing)

(Other barbers in the shop giving haircuts)

Guys are struggling, especially with the corona, struggling to pay the bills and keep the family fed, on top of trying to be that loving, caring, fun dad, focusing on trying to just keep a center balance to everything. Some people handle it well, but others, they need help. Like I said, if just a 30-minute haircut and just a chat can help someone feel just a tiny bit better about their day, I’m all for it.

(Jeff singing “What a beautiful day to have a haircut,” client laughing)

I’ve seen it firsthand. Guys come in all gloomy, with their head down. They’re just like, “Oh, do whatever.” Just real quiet. And then, once they get a haircut, you can see it almost in their eyes. You spin them around and they’re like, “Man, this looks better than I thought. Thanks so much,” and it’s like their whole mood just boosts from, like I said, just a simple haircut.

It honestly does feel a lot better, just getting stuff off your chest and just knowing that someone’s there for you, just to listen, not to judge. I just think it’s kinda cool to just be able to connect with just random people.

(Barber sweeps the floor)

(Man walks out of the barber shop)

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