This Mother Chronicles Her Pandemic Pregnancy Experience

As a nurse, Laura Olson is all too familiar with the risks that the pandemic brings. As an expectant mother, these risks are heightened to a new level. Her experience journeying through this pandemic is filled with fear and anxiety, and yet she pushes on each day, conscious of the life she is carrying — and the joy it will bring.

“His name means, ‘He laughs or rejoices,'” Laura says of her newborn. “I just think that’s really important right now during everything that’s going on in the world.”

Video Transcript

Meet Laura Olson: nurse

Fort Worth, Texas

July 2020

Laura Olson: I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor, and I am currently nine months pregnant amid a global pandemic, so this is a crazy time to be having a baby.

I’m due here at the end of July, and of course, here in Texas, this is the month where the COVID cases are just having a crazy surge, so not only are we working in high-risk places, but I’m also pregnant.

Also, I just found out this last week that the policy for the hospital when I go in to deliver is that they will test me for COVID, and if positive, they will recommend separating mom and baby. So, I’m pretty terrified.

(Laura in her car wearing a face mask)

So I’m in line to get tested for COVID. Just been having headaches and nausea and fatigue, which I mean, could all be end pregnancy symptoms, but here it goes.

(Laura in the car without a mask)

I got tested. Basically someone was really short with me when I was driving up, and I almost started crying. I think just because I was stressed and I’m like, “I’m sorry, I’m just really scared.” And then all of a sudden I just like started crying. I’m like “I’m due next week. I don’t want to be doing this. I’m hoping this is all just like pregnancy symptoms.”

(After getting test results)

My COVID was negative. Huge sigh of relief.

(Laura getting out of the car putting a mask on)

Going into my last appointment before next week. Had to figure out crazy childcare solution because my sitter was exposed over the weekend so —

(Walking out of the clinic with a mask on)

Okay, I’m leaving the clinic. So I have to get induced today. The baby’s measuring kind of small, probably because of stress, so it’s time for baby to come out.

Woman: Good morning.

Laura: Good morning.

I’m a little freaked out. Trying not to feel guilty. The Lord is with us, I guess. Yeah, here we go.

(In hospital bed)

Okay, so I am in the hospital bed now.

24 hours later

So, we had a baby. Meet Isaac Marian Olson. His name means, “He laughs, or rejoices.”

I just think that’s really important right now during everything that’s going on in the world. We rejoice over you, and you bring laughter and joy.

(Baby sleeping peacefully)

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