“Watching Movies At a Theater Again”

Read "Watching Movies At a Theater Again", a poem about movies.

How I missed sitting
in the dark, shoulder to shoulder,
with strangers, laughing
at the same lines,
no matter who we vote for.

The cackling
gaggles of old gals.

The communion of popcorn
crunch down every aisle,
the heavenly incense
of melted butter.

The excuse to eat
Milk Duds and drink Diet Pepsi.

Even feeling pissed
at folks’ loud whispers
behind me, the forgiveness
when, later, I hear
their muffled sobbing.

The way their tears give
my tears permission.
My love taking my hand
when they start falling.

Today I give thanks
for each of you
who leaves your name,
your past, your present
life to enter this flickering
cave that holds us briefly
in a common story.

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