The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Dance and sing in your car to these road trip songs.

So you’re on a road trip. Maybe you have carefully planned out your route in advance. Maybe you’re just winging it. Maybe you have 30 hours of podcasts lined up to catch up on. Maybe you’re craving some music you can sing and dance with.

Grotto Network has your newest playlist –  for wherever you journey this summer. We’ve compiled a playlist exclusively with throwbacks – songs about summer, travel, and the ups and downs of life. If you play the songs in order, you can journey through over 6 decades of familiar favorites.

These songs may come with a variety of memories, as you associate songs with time and place. Maybe you’ll remember childhood road trips with your dad’s favorite songs. Perhaps you’ll remember scanning the radio as you drove to high school with friends, or that playlist your college friend carefully curated for you one summer. And of course, you’ll create your own memories this summer, whether you travel near or far.

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