Grotto Celebrates Love

We experience love in all different kinds of ways. The way we give, receive, and share love with others depends on the unique personalities we’ve each received.

Here are some moments that celebrate love from our #GrottoStories — the examples of these people inspire us to love boldly.

“Love does crazy things, right?”

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Video Transcript

..but the greatest of these is love.

(The Bergamot Band singing)

Jimmy Champlin: When I’m at work, I see people who don’t have that person to go to, that person who gives them that sense of stability, that sense of being centered.

Emmanuel Garcia: But to be married and now to have a daughter, it’s time to step it up because I’m not just feeding myself anymore.

Gillian Mocek: Obviously I’m fighting for my own life but for them to have a wife and a mom.

Irene Carver: Well, Noah and I got married in 1973, and we were both musicians. We had a lot of similar experiences.

Woman: You love me, don’t you?

Bob Rowe: I love you to pieces.

Scott Williams: One thing we were doing when we were engaged was we decided that we wanted to have core values as a family.

Free Humanity: Giving people love and doing loving things for the community or people in need, it’s more uplift-ful than any kind of love you can receive.

Ian Shankster: They assume that for me to be happy, I should be married and have a family and I just wonder where that originates and if they’re right.

Patrick Quigley: Three years ago, we got married in this room, but one minute before our ceremony all the power went out.

Ariane Woodworth: We came out here to visit his grandparents, and I’ll never forget because his grandpa thought I was so cute because I have dimples.

Jesse Woodworth: No kids yet, no. (laughs)

Sister Fiat: It might seem kind of crazy to be seeing a 24-year-old preparing to be living in a convent, but love does crazy things, right?

Josu Zubizarreta: And I come down the escalators, and she’s right there.

Ziortza Gandarias: It was like we saw each other, and I already felt like, “Yeah, this is the one.”

(Couple singing “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”)

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