How Do You Find Friends After College?

Making friends after college is challenging. Finding people you enjoy being around and have a common interest in can sometimes be more difficult than figuring out taxes. So on our seventh episode of Don’t Say Ad*lting, Jane chats with her friend Evan Gage who she met in her new city after college. With insights from personal experience in finding friends and creating community in a new area, they chat about what they found has worked well for them and what you can do to find your community.

Jane and Evan also share some eye-opening facts about the state of our generation when it comes to finding friends and loneliness, as well as some advice that you may find helpful in your search for friendship and community.

Why are we so lonely? Why is it so difficult to find friends after college? How do you avoid the awkward stage of making friends? Where do I find people that have the same interest? When should you make the move to ask a friend out to do something? How do you host a party with new friends? These are just some of the questions we explore in this episode, so make sure to give it a listen!

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