Inspired By His Sister With Sickle Cell Anemia

NFL player Jeremiah Attaochu has overcome many struggles in life, but he looks to his sister, Glory, for inspiration. Glory has sickle cell anemia. “She carries her cross with her head up,” he shares. “It’s an inspiration to me.”

Video Transcript

49er Jeremiah Attaochu looks to his sister, Glory, for inspiration. She has sickle cell anemia.

Glory: Yeah, I’m fine. I just came to a doctor’s appointment. About to get some fluids before I go home.

Jeremiah: Okay. That’s good.

Glory: They’re setting me up. Alright, talk to you later.

Jeremiah: Bye, Glory. Love you.

Jeremiah: She’s trying to stay on top of her health. Like I think she was in the hospital about a week ago for about an extended period time. It was probably some of the worst pain she’s had since having sickle cell her whole life. So now it’s getting to a point where she’s a 29-year-old woman, and it’s starting to be a bigger factor on her life.

Jeremiah: She’s not somebody to feel sorry for herself. She’s never complaining, crying, ‘woe is me,’ none of that. She carries her cross with her head up. A lot of people can’t do that. To me, it’s an inspiration to me.

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