The Bergamot Band Goes Back to Where It All Began

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In this extended scene, Grotto took the husband-wife musical duo back to where it all began.

Watch as Nathaniel and Jillian reminisce about their budding romance and writing their first song at Nathaniel’s childhood home.

Video Transcript

Jillian: We wrote our first song together and recorded it in the basement of this house.

Nathaniel: Not this right, but the next right. Yep, next right and then the first right when you get into there.

Jillian: This is really—

Nathaniel: That’s the old hood, that’s where we started all of our music.

Jillian: This is really bringing up some emotions.

Nathaniel: Remember those big trees in the front yard and Mom would always take care of the … Always dedicated to having a wonderful garden.

Jillian: I’m actually getting emotional.

Nathaniel: I know. In the spring, I always loved it. Actually, I told Jillian I loved her for the first time on the footstep of this house.

Jillian: It still looks pretty much the same, except the garden used to be way better.

Nathaniel: Well, it’s a wintertime, but yeah…

Jillian: Yeah, sorry family.

Grotto graphic of The Bergamot's song lyrics: "Forget about tomorrow if you wanna live today."

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