The Bergamot Band Sings Message of Hope

The Bergamot is a husband-wife musical duo creating music to give people hope and meet them where they’re at in a vulnerable and authentic way. Recently, they held an auction to help fund a music therapy program.

Video Transcript

The Bergamot. Goshen, Indiana.

Jillian: Oh, my gosh. Yup. The Bergamot. Static Flowers.

Nathaniel: Many a shows have been played since that album.


Jillian: Everything that we do is meant to direct people in a way that gives them hope and meets them wherever they’re at in a very vulnerable and authentic way.

In 2016, Nathan and Jillian traveled the country collecting messages of hope on their car.


Nathaniel: Music moves people in a way that other ways can’t. The most important thing about music therapy is connecting with music and kids in need.

They auctioned off their car to help fund a music therapy program.

Nathaniel: To be able to bring music to them is just as great as being able to go out and play music every night.

Cambrae, music therapist: There are some kids, when they come in, they have to do different movement for different types of things. If we’re playing with a drum, I can hold it over here, and they have to reach across their body. I can hold it out here, and they’re hitting it on beat, so it’s a lot of things like that.

Jillian: Oh, wow.

Cambrae: It addresses the emotional side quite a bit, but we can also use it for a lot of those physical goals.

Cambrae: A rasp.

Jillian: What is this? Wait, what?

Cambrae: It’s called the frog rasp. That’s what a bullfrog actually sounds like.

Jillian: That’s amazing.


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