Catholic Female Saints Party Game

How well do you know these boss women of faith? These young adults play a word guessing game to put their Catholic female saints knowledge to the test.

Video Transcript

Sunday School Games: Boss Women of Faith. Ready, set, go!

Quinlan: Go!

Answer: Mary

Quinlan: Oh, mother of Jesus.

Cecilia: Mary, the mother of God.

Answer: Joan of Arc

Brandon: Um, she was French. She—

Joe: Thérèse of Lisieux?

Jackie: Oh, okay. Really fierce, has a sword.

Becky: Oh, Joan of Arc?

Jackie: Yeah!

Answer: Dorothy Day

Brandon: (Laughs) Uh, Catholic worker, founded the Catholic worker.

Joe: I don’t know.

Jackie: Someone from Wizard of Oz — that’s her first name.

Brandon: Um, Toto, where are you going?

Joe: Um, Dorothy. Dorothy Day!

Answer: Mother Teresa

Brian: Oh — blank blank of Calcutta.

Noah: Toss it.

Cecilia: Teresa of Calcutta.

Gil: Yeah.

Cecilia: Mother Teresa.

Answer: Mary Magdalene

Brian: She’s not the Notre Dame one, but she’s the other…oh my gosh. Can I say the—

Noah: Mary Magdalene.

Brian: Yes.

Noah: Woo!

Answer: Elizabeth Ann Seton

Brian: Oh my gosh. Toss it.

Noah: Goodness gracious.

Answer: St. Veronica

Brandon: She wiped Jesus’ face.

Joe: Oh, Veronica. (kisses card)

Brandon: Yes.


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