Grotto Celebrates Joy

Need a reason to smile? Look no further. We’ve gathered some of the many moments of joy from our #GrottoStories and put them all in one place for you.

Today, and everyday, Grotto celebrates joy.

Video Transcript

(The Hillbilly Thomists performing)

Ray Smith, giving flight lesson: Hands on thighs. Hangs up high. Is our passenger briefing done?

Young girl: Check.

Frederick Joseph: There are so many aspects of a human life, and joy has to be one of them.

(Group dancing and cheering at Together for the Long Run event)

Jamie Farnan, air guitarist: It’s definitely this silly thing that brings a lot of wonderful, loving people together.

Gillian Mocek: I can’t change the cards that I’ve been dealt, but I get to choose how I play the game. And I get to play it with joy.

Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley: That was awesome.

Brother Justin: Brother Joseph is an expert spoon player.

(Brother Joseph playing spoons, accompanied by The Hillbilly Thomists)

Brendan O’Hare Sweeney (Mr. B): Throughout my life, I’ve been sort of more involved and less involved in. And I find when I’m more involved, I’m a much happier and fulfilled person.

Father Pete McCormick: What I want to be able to do is, with the time that I have with the skill that I have, to be able to share the joy that God has given me — because I think that can still be impactful in whatever way, shape, or form God chooses to use it.

Dr. Jessica Hite: They can take you out of whatever your busy, distracted day is. It can be stressful or what have you, and then you catch this really playful chitter-chatter up in the sky, and it sort of gives you a moment of reprieve, right?

(Kids running in superhero capes)

(Cheering from Fortnite live stream)

Fred Mwaura: I’m a believer in not shutting other people’s light, but putting on other people’s light, so that they can shine. And the more you shine, the brighter it is. 

Father Pete: You’ve got to find the joy in these moments because life doesn’t always work out as you had hoped.

(Student strumming guitar)

Mr. B: Nice job.

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