Finding Home

Fresh off of a cross-country move, Adrienne is starting a family and looking to make his house a home. It’s a struggle to find a place — and the right people — where they feel like they belong. The conversation in this episode uses some interesting stories to explore how we find “home.” 

Adrienne and Sara speak with Daniel Baker, a neighborhood carpenter who creates home furnishings without the use of any power tools. The craftsmanship he invests in his pieces connects him to his community in a deep way — he wants to be present to his neighbors “from crib to coffin.”

They also speak with Alan Graham, who founded a 27-acre community of tiny houses and homes designed to lift up off the streets the most “outcast, lost, and abandoned people” in Austin, TX: the chronically homeless.

Watch video stories from Daniel and Alan to see the work they are doing to create a sense of home for others:

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