St. Francis de Sales Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

St. Francis de Sales Spotify Playlist for the Doctor of the Church's feast day, January 24.

The feast day of St. Francis de Sales is celebrated on January 24.

The French saint St. Francis de Sales is well-known for his writings on spiritual direction and formation. He has been remembered as “the Gentleman Saint” because of his patience and gentle approach to the Protestants in his region, with whom he kept frequent contact. After his death, many miracles were reported at his shrine.

He is the patron saint of people who are hearing impaired, educators, writers, journalists, and several cities across the world.

Get to know about the Bishop and Doctor of the Church through this playlist inspired by his life — featuring artists Judah & The Lion, The Dust of Men, and Cageless Birds, and themes of writing and devotion.

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