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Who was St. Rita of Cascia? Listen to this Spotify playlist that was inspired by her life.

St. Rita of Cascia was born Margherita Lotty in 1381 in a small suburb of Cascia, Italy. Most of her life was riddled with hardships and struggles. Growing up, Rita had a desire to become a sister, but her parents arranged for her to be married at the age of 12 to a nobleman named Paolo Mancini.

Her husband was a rich, abusive, unfaithful, and quick-tempered man who mistreated Rita for most of their married life. Through Rita’s witness as a humble, kind, and patient woman, Paolo eventually converted and became a better man — to the point of renouncing a lifelong family feud with the Chiquis family. Paolo and Rita went on to have two sons, and they raised them in the Christian faith.

Unfortunately, Rita’s life was not yet free from tragedy. Despite renouncing the feud, her husband was stabbed to death by the Chiquis family, and her sons died a year later from dysentery. After their death, Rita tried to enter the monastery but was denied entry. After she persisted, they told her that she had to end the feud between the rival families (Mancini and Chiquis) for her to join. She asked St. John the Baptist, St. Augustine of Hippo, and St. Nicholas Tolentino for their intercession, which ultimately resulted in both families ending the feud.

She was then permitted entry at the age of 36 and performed her duties faithfully. She had a great devotion to the Passion of Christ and asked the Lord to let her suffer like He did. A wound on her forehead appeared, as if a thorn from Christ’s crown of thorns pierced her.

She died on May 22, 1457, and was buried at the basilica of Cascia. She was later discovered to be incorrupt and was canonized by Pope Leo XII on May 24, 1900.

Her story, though marred by tragedy, is one that should fill us with hope. She endured everything knowing that God would provide for her. She is the patron saint of impossible cases, difficult marriages and parenthood.

Get to know St. Rita through this playlist as you listen to songs that illustrate going from hardships in relationships to moving on and being in a better place — one filled with hope and trust in a better tomorrow. 

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