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Who was St. Augustine of Hippo? Listen to this Spotify playlist inspired by her life.

August 28 is the feast day of St. Augustine of Hippo.

Early in his life, Augustine was not exactly the type of person you would expect as a saint. He rejected his mother’s Christian faith at an early age and explored other religions throughout young adulthood. He was well-educated and was always seeking the truth about the world.

Augustine struggled with lust and lived a hedonistic lifestyle for many years — meaning he sought pleasure as the primary goal in his life. His mother, St. Monica, never gave up on him, though. She prayed for his conversion daily and followed him throughout his career. Augustine knew that he could live a better life, but he felt he couldn’t embrace the Christian life just yet. He famously prayed, “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.”

While teaching in Milan, Augustine met Ambrose, a Catholic bishop. Ambrose, like Augustine, was a well-educated and respected teacher. The more Augustine learned from him, the more his heart was changed. Finally, he converted to Christianity.

After his conversion, St. Augustine wrote several influential works, including Confessions and City of God.

St. Augustine is the patron saint of brewers, theologians, sore eyes, and printers.

Get to know this Doctor of the Church through this Spotify playlist inspired by his life — featuring artists Band of Horses and Cold War Kids, and themes of restlessness and redemption.

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