Samantha Yee Talks on the Importance of Holy Week

Samantha Yee is taking over Grotto Network’s Instagram Story today to talk about participating in the Triduum before Easter and why Holy Week matters.

The best analogy she can think of? Going to see an Avengers movie.

When a new Avengers movie comes out, Sam and her friends rewatch all the Marvel movies leading up to it, in order.

It helps her remember what happened and then she enjoys and understands the new movie much more when she can see all the pieces put together.

Can you imagine watching an Avengers movie without having seen any other Marvel movies? You wouldn’t get the full experience — you’d miss important parts of the story.

Easter Sunday is the main event, the end game. But the rest of the story matters and will help you put the pieces together.

When we look at Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, we see the bigger picture leading up to Easter.

There’s even no final blessing at the end of Holy Thursday Mass because it’s not over — it’s like the “to be continued” phrase at the end of a comic or movie.

Each day of the Triduum builds on the story until we get to Easter: the ultimate battle between good and evil. Spoiler alert: good wins.

You can’t start halfway through a story if you want to understand why it matters. St. Pope John Paul II said, “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!”

If we’re an Easter people then this is our story, too. We’ve got to remember it and be a part of it. And we can do that by participating in Holy Week.

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