What You Should Know About This Distraction at Mass

Fr. Kevin explains that it’s not a bad thing to get distracted by stained glass windows in church — they’re there to bring you closer to God with their beauty!

Video Transcript

Handwritten title on video tape: Just a Minute

Father Kevin Grove: Hey, hey. I’m preaching up here.

I get it. You’re bored at Mass, and I’ve lost your attention. It happens, but while you’re zoning out, maybe you could look up at the stained glass around you. This distraction could bring you closer to God.

For centuries, stained glass has brought the stories of scripture to life. Fired in kilns piece by piece, stained glass is a master art that’s always been accessible to everyone who enters the church. The rich or poor, educated or not.

Plus, you’re sitting in community with countless generations who’ve looked upon this glass. You’re not alone.

We don’t nearly look upon stained glass. Its light and color shines down upon us. So go, find your light.

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