Christian Rapper Shares His Faith

Vince Hicks was given a second chance at life through a job at Purposeful Design. In this video, he raps about finding his purpose and giving his life to God.

Video Transcript

Purposeful design gave Vince a second chance as head finisher.

Vince Hicks: I still rap. I rap for God.

Vince writes and raps on his time off.

Vince: I gotta dust the cobwebs in the old attic up here, but…

(rapping) Feel like a living legend, and I haven’t hit the surface. Internet surfing, instead of trying to find my inner purpose. I’ve been working so hard, now my whole body hurting. This is just the beginning, now they want to close curtains. Like, had a kid? Done. They wanna put me down before I had my first son. So I’ma give them anything even if that’s the first one. First nothing. I’ve been the underdog, I ain’t had first to nothing. If you the first to burn, I’m the last to see the oven. Throwing dirt on my name and all I say it keep it coming. Jesus died on the cross and all these people die for nothing. How you read the basic instructions, they’ll still live for nothing. How do people believe anything and live for nothing? I learn life is nothing, so I live my life above it. Yeah.

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