Adopted Woman Thanks Birth Mom for Gift of Life

Jen’s mother placed her for adoption at birth. Nineteen years later they met, and when Jen had a family of her own, she realized what a gift of life she had been given.

Video Transcript

Jen Vian: I was thinking like, “How would I do that?” Like how would you love this baby and knowing that you’re going to give this baby to a family who could offer it a better life. That’s what she did for me.

When I was 15, I was looking for my birth certificate and I found some papers that had just all this information about Ludi and the adoption process on it. That’s when I saw that she had been raped.

She had been in Chicago, got lost and it was like, late at night. This man had offered to help her.

Jen’s birth mother, Ludi, carried the pregnancy in secret. Jen was adopted by a family in Indiana.

Jen Vian: I was so blessed that Ludi chose my parents. God placed me right where he wanted me. And I know my story, I kind of have a fairy tale happy ending and I know not everybody has that. I don’t know why.

When Jen turned 18, her birth mother reached out.

Jen Vian: Ludi had contacted the agency to see if I was ready to have contact with her. And I was like, “Alright, I’m ready.”

Getting to hear a voice that I’ve been wanting to hear for my whole life was really awesome. And then through the phone calls and emails and everything, we decided that we would meet. And when we met each other for the first time, it was the first time my mom got to meet her and it was just a really awesome weekend.

I’m so lucky because I’ve got both amazing families that love me.

I’ve been married to Eric for over 6 years and he is awesome. And we have Emma who is 6 years old, and Jameson who is 3.

When I was first having Emma, I thought for a few seconds, like, “This is what Ludi went through to have me and to give me life.” Like she knew what to expect and still she chose to give life to me.

I think we all have our own talents and gifts and I think mine’s serving. I’m a piano teacher and I get to teach and encourage other children to develop their talents and to work at it.

If Ludi hadn’t given me life, I wouldn’t be able to help others and be a caretaker. I wouldn’t be able to teach these children music, and I wouldn’t be here to enjoy life with my family.

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