5 Architecture & Travel Instas to Beautify Your Feed

Following these 5 architecture and travel instagrams will beautify your feed.
It seems we are always hearing about the downside of social media, but the truth is, it’s not all bad. Social platforms are woven into the fabric of our society, so why not use them for good?

Instagram is one of my favorite places to peruse, and it’s the app I am most likely to be scrolling through when I need to pass the time. While the app has its fair share of badly lit food photos, FOMO-inducing party and vacation pictures, and fake lifestyles, I believe Instagram can help us see the world through another’s eyes, and by doing so, we see a bit of their soul as well.

Instagram doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and frustration — in fact, it can be used for inspiration and joy. Here are five Instagram accounts that reveal beauty through travel and architecture in an authentic way.

  1. Mal de Mar
  2. “Mal de Mar” is curated by Mexican architect Mauricio de la Garza and is described on his website as being a place to “remind us of the essence of who we are.” His account collects images of art, architecture, and the great outdoors. Framed through the eyes of an architect, his photos all follow a precise symmetry that is incredibly satisfying. Even with his photos of busy interiors, Garza’s blue filters give his feed a calming haze.

    🎼 Astral Palace | Cosmic Quest

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  3. Musee du Louvre
  4. The Louvre is a world famous museum, but not all of us have the opportunity to travel to Paris and experience it firsthand. The Louvre’s account does more than just share pictures of their lovely collection — they close in on fine points we might not otherwise notice: the details on a painted textile, a reflection in the eyes of a portrait, or a statue captured at an unusual angle. Nothing can replace the experience of actually being there, but the museum’s account is the next best thing and offers a beautiful perspective.

  5. UnStudentyStudent
  6. If Jane Austen had an architecture and travel Instagram account, it would look like this. The owner, Chloe, posts photographs of quiet streets and humble moments, reminding us that travel doesn’t always need to look like a wild adventure.

  7. I Have This Thing With Floors
  8. Usually, looking down at one’s feet while traveling is a bad idea, but this account proves that beauty can be found just about anywhere. Curated from Amsterdam, the entire feed is, as you may have already guessed, a collection of floor and feet pictures. Anyone can be featured on this account by using the hashtag #IHaveThisThingWithFloors.

    Mix it all up!! ❤️#ihavethisthingwithfloors @heydavina

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  9. Nastasia’s Passport
  10. Travel blogger Nastasia has two travel accounts and both show us the world — from Armenia to Monaco — through her eyes. After feeling isolated, Nastasia gained a yen for travel. Many of her trips have been solo, and significant part of her mission is to encourage women to find empowerment through travel. It’s easy to see that Nastasia enjoys herself every step of the way, and her passion for travel is inspiring.

Over the last few months, I have cleaned up my Instagram feed and unfollowed accounts that were harmful to my mental health or inauthentic in their pursuit of beauty. These five accounts (among others) remain and make me feel enthusiastic about Instagram — they give me a sense of wanderlust in a healthy way.

Seeing the world in all its glory through another’s eyes has helped me use social media positively, and I’ve come to value beauty all the more.

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