Building Community with House Concerts

Hannah and John Hoefer have a goal to give local musicians a space to share their music. They do that by hosting house concerts for their community in Granger, Indiana. These events have grown in popularity and have helped people looking for connection to come together.

“The music stops but the people don’t leave,” John shares.

Video Transcript

Granger, Indiana: This couple created the Hoefler House to host local musicians — in their living room.

Hannah Hoefer: I’d say our main goal is to give us space for the musician to share their music, and then facilitate the community in the area.

(Musician 1 singing)

Musician 2: I’m actually going to be doing an all-original set tonight. It’s my first time ever doing that.

(Speaker off-camera) That’s awesome.

Musician 2: I’m really pumped about it, because I would rather do my own stuff, because I won’t forget the words, probably.

Hannah: I’m excited that it’s becoming more popular, because I think our society as a whole — we need that connection. Neighbors put up their fences, and you barely know your neighbors. The younger generations, they desire something more. They might not know how to get it, but they desire authenticity and connection. That’s what I’m passionate about, and I feel the same way.

John Hoefer: I’m not my best self in isolation — in no way, shape, or form. It just allows people (to) just stay. The music stops, but the people don’t leave.

(Musician 3 singing)

Hannah: You have to get over that, like, “This is somebody’s house. It’s a stranger. I don’t know who they are.” It can be a little intimidating, but the reward is so amazing.

John: We have space to be able to host people here — whether it just be like a family gathering, or an event, or the Hoeffer House — let’s utilize that. Let’s not just keep it to ourselves because that’s not what it’s for.

Hannah: God knows my passions — God knows what makes me feel fulfilled — and this Hoeffer House is part of that. It’s been an adventure. I like it.

John: Adventure — that’s a good way to put it.

Musician 3: You on the floor — good job. You guys are amazing.

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