How to Use Social Media to Advocate for Climate Change

Follow these climate change advocates on social media.

Social media coverage of climate change and its effects can range from the fact-based to the overly dramatized to the blatantly misleading. Many of us are left confused — we want to help and learn more, but are uncertain where to start. What we could possibly do to make a difference? How could we be stronger environmental advocates? 

Scrolling through our social media feeds can definitely feel like a dark hole, leaving us feeling scattered, distracted, and completely removed from the present moment. As a blogger and environmental activist, however, I’ve seen the merits of the responsible use of social media. When used intentionally, these platforms have the power to catalyze real change and uplift entire communities. 

So how can we be thoughtful about the ways we use digital media, especially when it comes to the environmental justice movement?

It can start with the simple act of cleaning up your social media feed. No matter which platform you use the most, sit down for 30 minutes or so and unfollow accounts that are not fueling you in a positive way or providing useful information. 

After removing anything that’s not helpful, it’s time to add in some trusted platforms. Look for expert commentary that resonates with the consensus of the scientific community. Uplifting messages and inspiring pictures can reframe your thoughts and actions and help you sustain a commitment to the environment. It all starts with mindfulness. 

There are so many environmental justice organizations with a digital presence to provide educational content and positive messages, but here’s a short list of some of these accounts to get you started.

1. Mikaela Loach 

Mikaela is an amazing activist — her account is full of information about sustainability, ethical living, and refugee rights. If you choose to follow her, you can expect some very useful daily insights into climate activism and low-waste living with a fun, upbeat, inspirational vibe. Better yet is her focus on making these movements more accessible to everyone.

2. Catholic Climate Covenant 

The Catholic Climate Covenant was formed back in 2006 to give Catholics concrete ways to care for creation and the poor. Their account does a beautiful job of addressing our growing ecological awareness from a Catholic perspective. The imagery is beautiful, simple, and powerful, and will certainly add a daily dose of inspiration to your scroll. A follow puts you in the company of other Catholics fighting climate change. 

3. Intersectional Environmentalist

This brilliant account highlights the importance of intersectionality in our fight for climate justice. Their inclusive version of environmentalism reveals the connection between injustices happening to marginalized communities and the health of the Earth. 

4. Green Dreamer Podcast 

I started listening to this podcast a few years ago and was blown away by the informative and positive attitude of host Kamea Chayne. Her podcast and social media account focus on holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and securing wellness for all. She brings a number of educational and influential guest speakers to the show and tackles some incredibly diverse and challenging topics — I always leave feeling inspired and motivated to take on environmental issues in my own community and personal life. 

While this list is not at all comprehensive, it is a great place to start on your journey to becoming a thoughtful advocate for environmental justice. By educating ourselves on issues that are affecting both the planet and marginalized communities, we can take a more integrated and holistic approach finding solutions that will build a better future for all of us. 

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