Sharing the Joy of Caring for House Plants

This week Grotto catches up with Sarah Lindholm who runs an Instagram blog about plants. She shares how taking care of plants brings her joy by connecting her to nature and God’s creation — and she wants to share that joy with others.

Video Transcript

Sarah Lindholm: Hi. I’m Sarah Lindholm and I have an Instagram blog about plants. I thought it would be a fun hobby to try so I picked up a succulent or two from Lowe’s and that’s how it started.

Sarah started planting after her first year of college.

Sarah: I was at first, only into succulents and then now I’ve branched out to all sorts of plants. One of the ways I really connect to God is through nature. It brings a lot of peace to me just to have that little part of God shining through those plants.

I don’t make them grow. I give them water and I feed them fertilizer and then God makes them grow. Taking care of plants and watching them grow just brings me so much joy that I love sharing little pictures online to bring other people joy and show them that they can do this too. It’s just as easy as bringing a plant home from Lowe’s and putting it on your windowsill.

It’s another way to spread God’s beauty. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and then never take any time for yourself. Find out what brings you joy and do that.

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