Camp for Families Affected By Cancer Feels Like Home | Little Ways: Family

This week, Grotto catches up with Samantha Barta, a volunteer with Camp Kesem: a camp for kids with a parent who has cancer. She explains how the joy of the camp can create the feeling of a home away from home.

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Video Transcript

Samantha Barta: My name is Samantha Barta, and I volunteer at Camp Kesem, which is an organization that we work with families whose parents have cancer, but we work with the kids. The main way that we help them is through … week-long summer camp, but throughout the year, we send them birthday cards.

I went to the first meeting not really expecting much, but what I found there was just a family. This group of students that really cared about each other in a really special way that I hadn’t really found yet. There was a seven-year-old last year who stood up to talk in front of all 150 people there, and then at the very end, he was like, “Camp just feels like home.”

Every time I’m struggling to fit in an extra meeting or to take out that email, things like that, I just kind of pull that up in my mind and remember this why I’m here. This is what we do. We’re creating that, and they need us.

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