Teaching English and Building Community with Immigrants

This week, Grotto catches up with Cassandra Nickerson, a volunteer with La Casa de Amistad who teaches ENL (English as a new language) to Hispanic immigrants in northern Indiana. She shares how rewarding it is to see her students make progress and how she is grateful for the relationships they have formed.

Video Transcript

Cassandra Nickerson: My name is Cassandra Nickerson. La Casa provides an amazing opportunity for the Hispanic community around South Bend to improve themselves and improve their life.
I work with the ENL program, so I help teach Hispanics English. Other programs that La Casa offers are citizenship classes, programs for kids.

I have about five or six Hispanic women that come every week and it’s just awesome getting to build that relationship with them and see how much confidence they build in themselves and how much they are improving and really learning English.

These women or men who come to this are able to learn English and have more job opportunities to be able to provide for themselves and their families, so any way that you can make an impact on — even if it’s just one person — is an amazing opportunity for both you and them.

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