Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Plant Lady

“Plants are my life.” Becky Schumacher has a passion for plants. She’s grateful to have found a community through caring for the Quad City Food Forest.

Video Transcript

Becky Schumacher: I don’t own my own business or anything, but I have a business card with my contact info on it, and it says, “Your friendly neighborhood plant lady.” And that’s because plants are my life. I like knowing about them. I like working with them. You know, I’m a groundskeeper and on my day off, I’m here. People are like, “Isn’t that kind of like asking a mailman to go for a walk?”

Becky: I like pulling weeds and people think I’m super strange because of that. I don’t know. It’s this weird cathartic thing, making a garden look nice and kind of bending nature to your will. Although, that’s very minimal here as far as bending nature to your will. It’s a lot of just like less helicopter mom, more like, “No, it’s okay. Just go…” But yeah. I really like what I do here, and I’m really glad I found this place and these people.

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