5 Instas Every Booklover Should Be Following

Here are 5 book Instagram accounts to follow to remind us of the richness and beauty found in literature.
Cicero has been attributed as saying, “A room without books is like a body without a soul,” and I think the same could be said about our Instagram feeds. It seems like an odd paradox; books are old media and Instagram is the epitome of the new.

New media can help bolster the old, however, especially as reading becomes a more virtual experience and the leather-bound tombs of yesterday become less desirable to some. Instagram photos featuring books can remind us of beauty and richness found in literature, which can rekindle curiosity and encourage self-reflection.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts to make your feed a reminder of the joys of books and reading.

  1. Oonagh
  2. Oonagh is a novelist and bookworm based in Scotland. Her account makes reading seem like a romantic experience; her photos are ethereal and her books are well-loved with cracked spines and yellowed, curling pages. It’s a reminder that a good book can be like an old, faithful friend. As an added benefit, Oonagh writes original poetry and shares it on her account.

  3. Subway Book Review
  4. As readers, we often share a sense of camaraderie when we see each other enjoying a book in public. We don’t often get the chance to talk to our fellow bookworms about their current reads, however. This account lets you do just that by finding out what people all over the world are reading during their subway commutes. Not only does this account give a glimpse into what the books mean to their owners, but it also shows the larger impact that books have on us as a society.

  5. Ju
  6. Ju’s account is currently on hiatus, but it’s worth the wait. Ju’s feed is full of creativity, and her book photos are broken up by images of tasty-looking culinary dishes. Ju provides a reminder that reading can inspire creativity and add color and beauty to life even in gray moments.

  7. The Rustic Window
  8. The Rustic Window book account evokes a sense of warmth. It makes curling up with a book and cozy blanket next to a fire look like the only worthy weekend plan. The account curator, Cici, often shares brief but descriptive thoughts about her current reads. Furthermore, the majority of the books she shares are slightly more obscure, so the rustic window is a great place to go if you are looking to add some unique titles to your reading list.

  9. Remembery Tree Reads
  10. Remembery Tree Reads is a refreshing bookstagram account, because it mostly focuses on classics rather then the latest New York Times’ best sellers (although there is nothing wrong with them!). For many of us, classics are where we found our love of reading, and this account can bring us back to our roots and also introduce us to older or famous books that we may have never heard of before.

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