The Compassion Behind Comedy

Mike Logan is a comedian who values bringing people joy through his jokes. After going through a rough patch a few years ago, he found a deeper purpose in doing comedy.

“At the end of my shows, I would love the audience to feel like somebody cares.” Mike continues, “a lot of people come to comedy shows for that relief. I want people to understand that you’re not out here alone. There are people that care.”

Video Transcript

MC: All right, so we got one more comic left for y’all. He’s hilarious. His name is Mike Logan, and he’s walking up right now. So put your hands together for Mike Logan.

Mike Logan: Laughter is one of them things that we kind of just take when it comes, but we don’t go seeking for it. One of the best things that relieves some of the most pressure and it eliminates the most care out of life, we don’t go searching for, you know? We don’t search for joy. We kind of just be like, “Well, it’ll come.” You know?

Yo. It’s a free comedy show going on around the corner.

Woman: Yeah, we’ll be there.

Mike: Word up. There’s free pizza at the end.

Man 1: Yeah, we’ll go.

Mike: Right around the corner, man. We’re going to start in like five minutes.

Man 2: All right, I’ll be there.

Mike: Word. Don’t lie to me, man. I’m a middle child, man.

(Speaking to students) Oh, that’s what’s up. Get your education, man. I didn’t graduate. I decided I was done. So y’all doing better than me.

There’s stages in comedy. In the beginning, you just want to be funny. You kind of tell jokes and it feeds you and you say, “Mmm.” Makes you feel good making somebody laugh. Now my comedy has changed where I’m more happy when people enjoy. I want to give to people laughter because I remember a stage when I didn’t have much joy.

Laughter is great medicine, man. I went through a traumatic experience. I spent three days in a psych ward before. I had a real mental breakdown in 2020, man, which is one of the reasons why I like doing comedy now, to give people relief. Because I understand, people are going through it mentally and nobody really talks about it. Anybody here? I can tell, there’s a lot of hours of therapy in here. I can feel it.

It was a humbling experience. It brought me to a level that I’ve never been at, around the people that I’ve never talked to or been around. So now I kind of share, when people are going through it mentally. And it was a time. It was a time of allowing a lot of things to get taken out of me, and now I’m a better person.

I woke up one day, man, and my mind was gone. Mind was gone. I’m talking about just like this. It was literally, I woke up in the morning and I knew something was wrong. I got up and I sat on the couch, and I was staring at the clock for two hours. And I knew at that moment something was wrong because that clock in the living room don’t even work.

At the end of my shows. I would love the audience to feel like somebody cares. It’s only through the love of Christ that I’m at the point of just wellbeing right now. And a lot of people come to comedy shows for that relief. I want people to understand that you’re not out here alone. There’s people that care.

(Speaking to students) I ain’t homeless, so I’m going to come back. Word.

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