Good and Decent S2 | E3: New Beginnings

How do we set out to find a new start? 

Often, when we think of new beginnings, we imagine a new habit or goal that we want to establish. So we pick an objective and start incorporating it into our days. 

But what about those moments when the new start you need is deeper and bigger than just a new workout routine? Like, when you need to change the direction of your life? 

“A lot of times we think of the gym or starting a workout or running routine or reading and it’s this quick start,” says producer Josh Long in this episode. “What I like about Ian is that his new beginning is a soul-searching, long process — over the course of years.”

Ian Shankster is a friend of Josh’s who had experienced a divorce and needed to start over. He wanted to see the country, but still had to pay off his student loans, so he took a job as a truck driver. 

Josh got to ride along with Ian on a trip — in this episode, he reflects on that journey with Ian, which took place at a moment when Grotto was in a new beginning, too. His story is one of the very first stories we told. 

Sara Thoms joins Josh for the conversation — she shares some insights about starting fresh from her own experience of moving across the country in the past few weeks to take a new job. Together, they reconnect with Jesse Woodworth to hear about how he decided to leave Denver for rural Indiana to take over a family farm. 

Transitions take time, especially if they come from a wound or a place of deep conviction. And, as Sara notes, no one is expert at navigating those transition moments — there are a lot of bumps along the way. But if we stay in touch with ourselves — journaling and prayer work for Sara — we’ll stay grounded and authentic as we make our way.

Watch these videos to ride along with Ian’s in a truck cab and watch Jesse fire up a giant old combine.  

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