Learning to Slow Down for Father-Daughter Time

After seeing how the Rock Steady Boxing program for people with Parkinson’s disease changed their lives, it prompted Brittany Nelson to think about how she could slow down and cherish the moments in her own life — especially with her dad.

Video Transcript

Brittany’s father, Bill, has Parkinson’s disease. Brittany boxes with her dad twice every week.

Brittany Nelson: It’s very easy to get up in the morning and get ready for work, and go to work, and go to the store, and do my own routine, and do things, and get caught up in that. In this world, everything’s so fast-paced. You just kind of look by everything else if it doesn’t have to do with you.

Brittany Nelson: Now that I know all these people and their stories, and when they got diagnosed, and what they went through after they were diagnosed, before they found Rock Steady, and now to see them and their growth, it makes me think more about slowing myself down. The fact that I get to spend that time with my dad when without the class, who knows if I’d spend that much time with him in the week?

Boxers: Rock Steady. Rock Steady. Rock Steady. Woo.

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