Our Favorite Videos to Bring Joy to Your Day

Watch this playlist of joyful videos put together by Grotto Network staff.

There’s no greater time for joy than Easter and the weeks after that important feast. But what is joy, really?

While we could turn to a theological definition (“Joy is caused by love,” says St. Thomas Aquinas), it’s actually much easier to understand joy when you see it. It’s unmistakable. And it’s contagious.

That’s why we put together this playlist — these are videos that bring our staff joy. From the humorous (like those moments when you can’t help cracking up) to the ineffable (really, really good music), we hope that these videos inspire a smile, a warmth within, and a glimpse of the infinite goodness of God. It’s a goodness that brings life from death, light from darkness, hope from despair — a goodness that finally saves us. And that’s the true source of our joy this week.

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