World Day of Peace Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Listen to this Spotify playlist inspired by the World Day of Peace 2019 theme.
Each year on January 1, Catholics celebrate World Day of Peace. This year, Pope Francis announced the theme would be “Good Politics is at the Service of Peace” — but past themes have included everything from women’s rights to the right to life to care for migrants and refugees. Popes use the annual World Day of Peace message as a tool to chart their priorities for that year.

No matter the theme of the year, we can all use this day to pray for peace in our world and do what we can to bring universal peace to reality.

Mother Teresa said that “Peace begins with a smile” — in other words, we can work toward a peaceful world in the small ways we treat the people around us.

We created this playlist to inspire your heart as you ponder the theme of peace today and every day.

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