How to Make Social Media a Better Place for Everyone

Read these 10 helpful guidelines for using social media for good.
During the month of June, Pope Francis is and has invited us to join him in praying for social networks.

Let’s take one step more and turn that prayer into action — we can model the change we want to see in how the world engages on social media. We can be that positive light in your friend’s feed, that helping hand that lifts others up.

Grotto is committed to making a difference in our world — in person and on screen. In an effort to do just that, we’re joining America Magazine in promising to do our part online.

These 10 guidelines, which they’re calling “The Catholic Social Media Compact,” hit home — shouldn’t our genuine in-person relationships mirror our online interactions? We promise to live out Pope Francis’s invitation “to choose the path of dialogue and harmony” by following these guidelines:

As the old saying goes, the pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword. Will you join Grotto in striving to put these 10 points into action?

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