Down Syndrome Won’t Stop This Young Entrepreneur

This week, Grotto catches up with John and Mark, the founders of John’s Crazy Socks. John has Down syndrome, but he doesn’t let that stop him from running a business that he’s passionate about.

Video Transcript

John: My name is John Cronin and he’s my partner, Mark, and he’s my dad. We are John’s Crazy Socks.

Mark: In the fall of 2016, John was going into his last year of school, and he was trying to figure out what am I going to do when school is over? But the choices are somewhat limited for people with differing abilities.

So you came and said what?

John: I want to sell crazy socks because, why socks? It’s fun, and it lets me be me.

Mark: We have a very simple mission: spreading happiness. So we’ve built it on four pillars. Inspiration and hope, giving back, socks you can love.

John: We have 1,900 different kinds of socks.

Mark: 1,900. And then the last color is we make it personal.

You have Down syndrome, right?

John: I do.

Mark: What do you say about that?

John: I have Down syndrome. Down syndrome never holds me back.

Mark: We want to show the world what’s possible when you give someone a chance.

You’re watching the Grotto Network, and we love the Grotto Network. We love their inspiring stories of what they show the world. Right, pal?

John: Right, Dad.

Mark: Right?

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