Podcast S1 | Ep2: Finding Generosity

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Have you ever met certain people and thought, “Geesh… what’s in their coffee? And how can I get some of what they have?” This week on Good and Decent, Sara and Javi muse on people who exude generosity in their daily lives, and what we can learn from them. 

It seems like many of us feel weary in the world we live in, so how do people find it in themselves to act with a spirit of generosity toward others? Two such people are Charles “Bike Man” Jenkins, who fixes bikes for kids in his local community; and Annie, a barista at the Local Cup — a cafe that runs on the generosity of others. 

Charles Jenkins stumbled into his vocation to fix bikes. He says, “People forget my name, but Bike Man is fine, I accept that everywhere I go.” What he offers his community has become his identity in town. His life exemplifies kinship — a way of relating to others that treats people like family, not strangers. Charles, for example, gives away his services — and even bikes — for free much of the time. “I just continue to do it,” he says, “it’s the love of my life.” His story also reveals how generosity and kindness create far-reaching ripples through communities

Annie’s experience volunteering at the Local Cup changed her life and led her to pursue post-graduate service work after college. At the Local Cup, she says, “Everyone felt they could be heard and seen and loved and accepted. And because of that, people gave all of themselves to perfect strangers.” Annie values the connections made within communities, and reminds us that we can start small, for example, learning the name of the person who delivers the mail. Annie reminds us that “the spirit of generosity is contagious. The true richness of our lives consists in the relationships we have with others.”

Do you seek to be more generous with your life? Do you feel a call to serve others or to volunteer in your local community? Sit down with Javi and Sara as we think about what it is we owe each other. Whether it’s offering your time at a Catholic Worker house, cooking food for a meal train, doing random acts of kindness, or finding other volunteer work that speaks to your passions, this episode of Good and Decent is sure to inspire you on the path of generosity — and joy.

Meet Charles Jenkins, aka “Bike Man” here:


Follow Annie during a typical day as a barista at the Local Cup:


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