Habitat for Humanity Transforms Communities

Habitat for Humanity Transforms Communities

This week, Grotto catches up with Catherine Mason, a volunteer with Habitat For Humanity. The group transforms under-resourced areas across the country by building new homes on vacant lots, restoring old homes, and promoting a neighborhood community.

Video Transcript

Katherine Mason: My name is Katherine Mason. I go by Katie. Habitat for Humanity is really important because in a lot of our major US cities, we have these inner city neighborhoods that have been ignored for decades.

What each affiliate branch does, is they choose a neighborhood within their city that has high crime rates, a lot of vacant lots. They aim to solve most problems by building new homes in the vacant lots. They do some rehabilitation to old homes, and they see if they can take an approach to solving some of those issues by forming more of a neighborhood within those communities.

You learn a ton of new skills, not just technical skills of building on a house, but a lot of people skills.

A large percentage of inner city residents around the United States are experiencing a lack of resources to move forward in their lives. It is our responsibility, since we have those resources and the ability to share them, to volunteer towards that cause and address that issue.

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