Bringing Hope and Support to Families in Crisis

This week, Grotto catches up with Nicolette Moinet, founder of the Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation, which brings hope and support to families with children in the hospital.

Video Transcript

Nicolette Moinet: My name is Nicolette Moinet. The DTM Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Any family that’s in crisis because their child is sick or has been in an accident, our programs are really designed to really rally around those families and really support them so they can better support their sick child.

Some of those programs are The Comfort Cooks program which brings a three-course home-cooked meal into the hospital. When they come in and they see a beautiful three-course meal and volunteers who are smiling and ready to serve them, the looks on their faces are probably my favorite part, because they are so grateful and just so moved by this program and how we put it together.

We also have some youth who have been painting beautiful designs on the windows of kids’ rooms inside the children’s hospital. We’re really trying to elevate their mood and bring them some joy.

These families are in the most vulnerable place in their life, and they need us, and we are all one phone call away from being in a crisis situation ourselves.

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